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Plan Name Smart Money Back Plan Shubh Nivesh Plan Smart Shield Term Plan
Plan Type Traditional / Insurance + Investment Traditional / Insurance + Investment Only Life Insurance
Risk on Investment Safe Safe Safe
Premium Rs. 5K p.m. OR Rs 60 K p.a. Rs. 5K p.m. OR Rs 60 K p.a. 2K p.m. OR Rs. 16K p.a.
Total Premium Investment in 15 Yrs 9 Lacs 9 Lacs 2.4 Lacs
Death Cover 7.25 Lacs 7 Lacs 1 Cr
Death Cover Validity Term of Policy -  Only 15 Yrs   Whole life -  Till age 99  Term of Policy -  Only 15 Yrs 
Maturity Value 22.2 Lacs  22.5 Lacs NA
Partial Withdrawals Money Back on 5th Yr: 1.45 Lacs , 10th Yr: 2.17 Lacs Option to partial withdraw after 5th Yr NA
Special Feature

• Money Back on every 5th Year
• No investments in Stock Markets/ No Risk
• Investments in Govt. bonds

• Life long cover
• No investments in Stock Markets / No Risk
• Investments in Govt. bonds

Only Insurance
Who should buy this Plan • Long Term Investor
• Safe Investor
• Investor in need of insurance + Investment
• Long Term Investor
• Safe Investor
•Investor in need of insurance + Investment
Investor who needs pure life cover

Plan Summary:
SBI Life - Smart Money Back Insurance 
Smart Money Back Insurance is a savings plan with added advantage of life cover and cash inflow at regular intervals. It is participating traditional money back plan, meeting your various financial obligations at crucial junctures by its wide range of policy terms.
SBI Life - Shubh Nivesh
SBI Life - Shubh Nivesh is an Endowment product with an option of Whole Life coverage.  The basic purpose is to provide Savings, Income and Insurance Cover to you and your family. Not only you can save regularly for your future but you also have the flexibility to receive the maturity amount as a lump sum or as a regular income for a chosen period, depending upon your needs.
SBI Life - Smart Shield / Term Plan
SBI Life - Smart Shield is a traditional non-participating pure term plan, which is a one stop solution that meets all your insurance needs. With Options and benefits specially tailored for those who want best financial protection at an affordable cost, this is the perfect plan from your preferred insurance provider. Now your family stays protected, even when you are not around.